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Pangea Foundation

Pangea Global Health Education is proud to announce the Pangea Foundation.

We invite you to join the Pangea Foundation to transform the lives of individuals and communities through Pangea’s unique programs of healthcare education. This is an exclusive opportunity to join Pangea in providing the most effective health education in the world. Our Foundation is now open to a limited number of individuals (or organisations) as inaugural Platinum Sponsors. By donating $1,000 (or $5,000 for companies and organisations) you will become part of this special group. We hope you will continue with ongoing contributions of $500 (or $2,500 for companies and organisations) each year.

The work of Pangea – providing professional development and training for local doctors, nurses and health professionals in communities where it is most needed – can only thrive if it is delivered in partnership and alongside the heath professionals we work with. It is a longterm commitment of mutual learning and teaching, with significant multiplying benefit when our program participants take their new skills back to the communities they serve as teachers of their colleagues. We hope you will join us in this partnership. Every $200 raised will allow one health professional to become a greater force for good in their community.

As a part of Pangea’s Foundation you will be part of an elite group of donors who have made a real commitment to change the world. You will have access to exclusive updates, as well as events where you can learn more about global health and Pangea’s work … as well as have some fun!

“Access to great healthcare is a basic human right that we take for granted, but which is not available to everyone. We can’t all travel, treat or teach in order to change that reality, but we all can get involved with what we have; whether that be time, skills, money or encouragement”  – Board Chair Kate Drummond. 

Pangea is a Registered Charity and all donations over $2 are tax deductible.

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