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In Acknowledgment

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, Pangea is able to maintain financial and operational independence that allows us to deliver effective health education to hundreds of local doctors and nurses in our partner countries each year.

Scholar (+1K)

Anna He

Bren Dorman

Carla Norman

Jo Douglass & Glenn Bowes

Karenlee Hess

Natalie Pascale

Patricia Hurune

Philip Cardamone

Rachel Gordon

Sarah Heland

Sherie Scott

Tim Chew

Fellow (+5K)

Anthony & Annette Bongiorno

Alex Newton

Amanda Foster

Bongiorno Management Group 

David Elder

Emily Schultz

Georgia Ramsay

Heidi McAlpine

Jess Saunders

John Tharion 

Jon Mills

Kirsty Blair

Lu Barassi

Matt Rickard

Merton Lawyers

Sarah Delbosc

Professor (+$10k)

Annemarie Hennessy

Brad Hockey

Kate Drummond

Yeji Ham

Pangea acknowledges our Principal Sponsor and long standing supporter Specialised Therapeutics. Without this support, Pangea would not be the organisation that it is today.

We also greatly appreciate the support we have been given from other Australian and international organisations that support our work. 

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
John James Foundation
Four Pillars Gin
Surgical Students Of Melbourne
LMT Surgical