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One - Sim

The Obstetric Neonatal Emergency Simulation (ONE-Sim) education program was founded by Dr Arunaz Kumar and Dr Atul Malhotra in 2016. Arunaz (obstetrician – gynaecologist) and Atul (neonatologist) have been operating this project with programs currently running in a number of countries in Asia, Africa and the Pacific region. 

ONE- Sim provides local healthcare professionals; doctors, nurses, midwives and students with education around dealing with complex childbirth and newborn care issues through hands on experience, using simple simulation technology. Through the ‘train the trainer’ model workshops, the ONE-Sim program also aims to empower local staff, who can then further impart the training within their own workplace. The program aims to address a number of childbirth emergencies, including obstructed labour, post – partum haemorrhage and birth asphyxia, which together are estimated to contribute to close to 1 million deaths per year worldwide. 

Pangea is proud to be partnering with ONE-Sim for the last three years. Through a chance meeting, it was clear that as like-minded programs we have much to offer each other. We have had the opportunity to share experiences and are currently drawing on the experience of the ONE-Sim team to undertake research evaluating the Pangea program. Most importantly, we have been able to take the simulation model (fondly known a Petunia the Pelvis by the Pangea team) on our seminars – a great hit with our participants and teachers alike!