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Get to Know .. Dr Daniel Keating

What’s your current role?

I’m a plastic surgery registrar currently working at the Austin Hospital in Melbourne.

Why have you chosen to get involved in Pangea?

I initially got involved through Pangea 4 years ago as it was recommended by a friend. I had always had a passion for both teaching and travel and Pangea seemed like the perfect way to combine those things. I have now been on 3 trips with the group and have absolutely loved it.

What does your experience as a team member teach you about medicine?

I think the trip really provides some perspective and appreciation for the resources we have back home in Australia. Talking to medical students and doctors in Malawi about their experiences and what they are able to achieve within their local healthcare system can be really inspiring. Every time I return to Australia I always feel more motivated and rejuvenated in my work.

What would you say to health care professionals interested in joining the team for future trips?

I would definitely encourage anyone interested in global health or teaching to get involved in Pangea. You will share great experiences with the most wonderful and inspiring group of people.