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Chairs Report Jan 2021

What a year for Pangea – both highs and lows.

We have been incredibly disappointed that we have been unable to travel to Africa this year but have been keeping in close contact with our in-country partners. Amazingly, many African nations have weathered the pandemic a little better than many western countries with an aging population – this must be the only advantage for countries with poor health care leading to a reduced life expectancy, that is, the ability of the young population to recover from COVID. Nonetheless, this is not a situation Pangea will allow to continue. 

During this period of being unable to travel internationally, the team at Pangea has continued to work hard.

We have employed our new project officer, the extremely efficient and talented Rebecca Roberts, who has transformed our governance, financial and fundraising activities and this has allowed us to engage Wendy Brooks and Partners for some serious fundraising efforts, with applications for grants already prepared and submitted. 

Our Virtual Wine Night was a great success … look out for the gin equivalent in 2021!! 

We have started to consider alternative ways to deliver our programs and have had very positive feedback from early efforts at online teaching. We are also considering virtual reality possibilities – so the excitement continues.

I’d like to wish you all peace and refreshment as we begin a new year and we look forward to your ongoing support in 2021 – whatever the year may bring!

Prof Kate Drummond
Chair Pangea Global Health Education