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2019 Pangea Trip Report

The 2019 Pangea team, made up of specialist surgeons, physicians, anaesthetists, general practitioners, junior doctors, nurses and medical students delivered 4-day programs tailored to doctors and clinical officers, medical students and nurses across two locations in Malawi. The first stop was Kamuzu Central Hospital, Lilongwe, where the team encountered over 100 enthusiastic participants.

Next up was Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, Blantyre where there were 80 participants, including a strong delegation of 40 nurses, most of whom were at the early stages of their career.

The programs combined short lectures, small group sessions and scenario-based teaching. This included doctors, nurses and medical students working together to diagnose and treat a ‘patient’ in a variety of complex presentations including head trauma, respiratory distress, sepsis and multi trauma.

These scenario-based sessions were plenty of fun and an excellent opportunity for participants to practise a variety of the processes and skills introduced throughout the program, including skills from the communication workshop on the first day of each program.

Feedback from program participants revealed that the hands on sessions including suturing and plastering were a highlight.